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Improviesed Genetic Algorithm For Fuzzy Overlapping Community Detection in Social Networks

Community structure identification is an important task in social network analysis. Social communications exist with some social situation and communities are a fundamental form of social contexts. Social network is application of web mining and web mining is also an application of data mining. Social network is a type of structure made up of a set of social actors like as persons or organizations, sets of pair ties, and other interaction socially between actors. In recent scenario community detection in social networks is a very hot and dynamic area of research. In this paper, we have used improvised genetic algorithm for community detection in social networks, we used the combination of roulette wheel selection and square quadratic knapsack problem. We have executed the experiment on different datasets i.e. Zachary’s karate club [31], American college football [39], Dolphin social network [32] and many more. All are verified and well known datasets in the research world of social network analysis. An experimental result shows the improvement on convergence rate of proposed algorithm and discovered communities are highly inclined towards quality. Index term: community detection, genetic algorithm, roulette wheel selection,

Author - Harish Kumar Shakya, Kuldeep Singh, Bhaskar Biswas

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| Published on 2016-10-22
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