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Improving Browsing Experience Through Query Optimization And Personalized Result Restructuring

According to statistics, around forty percent of the worlds’ population has access to the internet. Most of these users rely on search engines to discover content. They need not necessarily be experts who know how to formulate queries which precisely depict their needs and in some cases the users themselves are not very sure about their requirements. This coupled with the ever-increasing volume of content on the internet makes it tricky for novice users to locate the information which they are looking for. We propose a system which reforms the user query so that they come across adequate highquality results. Even after these results are obtained there is room for ambiguity as all of them need not necessarily meet the users’ search goal. To save the time a user spends in going through the various results, we examine the users’ search history and restructure the order in which results are shown to go well with their needs.

Author - Rohith P R, Sushant Kumar, Prakasha S, G T Raju

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| Published on 2014-01-18
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