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A Middleware Based Service Oriented Approach for Wireless Sensor Network

Currently, the use of sensor networks in different field, such as environmental surveillance, health care, precision agriculture, traffic monitoring, etc.... is in high increase. Each wireless sensor network application developed gives birth to new challenges such as the transfer of a large amount of data over networks, the supported data formats, the measurement procedures and the heterogeneity between the different devices used. Most of Internet of Things solutions are developed in a vertical way containing the entire process, from data collection and transmission to processing and analyzing. However, the monopoly of these solutions by some companies prevents developers from reusing these solutions and creating others while combining them, due to the incompatibility of the data sources and the heterogeneity between the different devices. Hence, the need of developing a middleware as an intermediate software layer between the sensor hardware and the sensor network applications. In this paper, we study the existing middleware approaches for wireless sensor networks and we concluded with future research directions in the domain area to achieve the requirements of emerging applications of wireless sensor networks. Index Terms— Data format, Heterogeneity, Middleware, Smart Gateway, WSN application.