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Location based Messaging

In today’s world of smartphones and tablets, many services can be provided using the location of the user using GPS sensors and it plays a vital role for navigation etc, and almost all smartphones come equipped with GPS sensors. The scope of this project is to build a location based instant messaging android application based on the location of the user. An Realtime example is a chat application to share information in a university area to the students via location to reach all the users in the university without any mobile registration or email and only purely by their location. If they are in the proximity of the university, they will be able to see all the messages if not they won’t be able to read the messages. The existing instant messaging application like whatsapp, telegram, hike we require mobile number, mobile number verification etc, but this model eliminates those problems and give ids to the user only based upon the location, so there will be a larger reach without knowing ones’ mobile number. This application provides an interface to share any information to the users in the proximity of receiving the messages in an anonymous way without knowing ones contact details. Keywords - Geofencing,Location based services(LBS),Location based Messaging(LMS),Android,GPS