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Determination & Controlling Of Automative Wire Less Informing Animal Health Condition

Today we know that now how much the technology is going fast it can be or cannot be measurable, but in the world human being is great. Now days the technology of medicine will in very high like any problems happens to him he will immediately receive the best treatment & he cure very short time but we can think about the animals there are so many in the world without giving treatment they have been loosing their life with more pain why we not take care of all the animals in the world they have also life na? It used to maintain error of the animal & its staying, as well as temperature of the body, its sound , it is eating food or not and its condition its legs problem , stomach problem, foot & mouth diseases, and other harmful disises and also animal location. can be find using this module.. if it the animal have any problem , directly information goes to the doctor according to him further treatment will be given & the animal is safe.