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Performance Evaluation of Configurable Viterbi Decoder for Wireless Network

Forward Error Correction (FEC) coding and decoding are key components of wireless communication system. Convolution error correcting codes are very efficient for correction of random error introduced by random noise. The convolutional decoding is mostly done using Viterbi algorithm which is based on predicting sequence of states to get decoded bits. The error correcting capability of Viterbi decoder depends on number of factors such as constrain length, code rate, trace back depth and soft/hard decision. We investigate the effect of constraint length and trace back depth on the performance of Viterbi decoder. The simulation results are analyzed in terms of bit error rate (BER). We then set of specifications for designing decoder that guarantee 10-5 at SNR of 4dB. Index terms- BER, Convolutional codes, Trellis diagram, Viterbi decoding