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Study and Analysis of the Performances of the Multi-Hop Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks

The wireless sensors network is an emergent technology which aims at giving innovative capacities. Their use should not stop augmenting this and that in many domains that they are scientific, military or health. However, the size of sensors constitutes an important limitation, mainly in term of autonomy of energy and therefore of life because the battery must be very small, that is why many jobs concern the management of the energy used by sensors in a network today by taking into consideration, above all, communications and algorithms of aggregation of data. It is with this aim in view that we offered a comparative study of two protocols LEACH (which follows an approach based on groups, this approach shows its effectiveness compared with other approaches in terms of consumption and of uniform clearing up of energy extending so the life of network) and SEP, a heterogeneous conscious protocol to extend the time interval before the death of the first node (that we callthe period of stability) which gives an improvement of the protocol LEACH which was called LEACHEA. Keywords - WSN, Protocol of routing, Optimization of Energy, Clustering