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Precision Agriculture using Wireless Sensor Network

Agriculture has been primary source of income for most of the humans in developing country. But due to traditional farming practices the productivity has been very limited. Farmers often get low price due to non uniformity in crops from the same field. To overcome this problem one has to adopt smart agriculture/farming. Smart agriculture means to utilize latest technology to increase productivity and decrease cost. Precision agriculture is one of the models which can utilize wireless communications benefits to produce uniform and efficient crop. The idea is to sense the data from agricultural field & control action to be done locally. Further that data can be sent to central station so that user can access that data to take further decision. The Parameters from Green house field which are likely to be measured are soil moisture & temperature, Air Humidity & Temperature, Light intensity. This paper proposed concept includes the development of the communication nodes which are capable of sensing soil moisture, humidity and temperature and to provide actuation signal to control aforesaid parameter. This sensor node is capable of creating control signal locally based on the measured parameter and also sending sense data to the central station. There are total three control signal a) for irrigation valve (soil moisture control) b) for Temperature control mechanism (temperature control) c) for fogger (humidity control). This Sensor node will communicate with central node via Zigbee technology. With Green house scenario in mind as Xbee provides up to 70m coverage area, low power, low data rate, it is sufficient our need. As this is very slow process project demands relatively very low data rate. So Xbee has feature of routing as well that will help in increasing total network coverage. Keywords - Precision Agriculture, IOT, Wireless Sensor Network, Zigbee