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Exploit Valuation of Energy-Useful Secure-Genetic Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network

Wireless sensor network is a network of tiny sensors deployed in an specific are which is prone to malicious activities. Some attacks such as blackhole attacks and sinkhole attacks are decreases the performance of the entire network. So, there is requirement of secure routing protocol that prevents the entire network from malicious activities. This paper aims to analyse the impact of such attacks in cluster based WSN and to design a secure and trustworthy network. Another issue related to the nature of sensor nodes is that the energy consumption among nodes increases gradually in such malicious scenario. Based on these problems, this paper attempts to design a new secure GAC that incorporates the basic concepts of reliable, cluster-based, and energy-efficient routing algorithms for wireless sensor networks. The proposed Secure-GAC algorithm is an optimal solution and meets the requirement of energy saving and security. Analysis and simulation results indicate that the Secure-GAC protocol can reduce energy consumption between sensor nodes and increase network performance during data transmission. In this experiment, the MATLAB simulator is used here to evaluate the performance of the proposed Secure-GAC algorithm and its comparative analysis of simulation results using an existing cluster protocol. Keywords - Wireless Sensor Network, Cluster-based, Secure Routing Protocol, Energy Efficiency