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Analyzing Security and Performance of Networks Applying Different Network Security Architecture Best Practices

Today, network security is one of the most prominent issues to be considered in networks [1]. In general, network security depends on three main factors: network design, appropriate equipment, trained personnel. Through this paper, we designed three safety ratings in networks. The network is designed by GNS3[2] and the main design of all networks is designed from four servers (web server, email server, web application, the domain controller) and other network devices based on each design [3] [4]. The first design is less secure because network does not contain any firewall to secure and filter traffic. The second design is an average security because it contains a firewall that filters traffic and prevents any unwanted traffic and malicious activities occurring in the network. The third This design is considered advance secured design, it has two firewall one is multilayer firewall (stateful) and other is Next Generation firewall NGFW, and the public servers are isolated in different zone and subnet which is called DMZ zone [5]. Keywords - Security; Architecture; Network; DMZ Zone; GNS3; Firewalls