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Short Term Wind Speed Forecasting using Linear Prediction Filters

Increasing energy demand has increased the need for different sources and renewable energy sources have gained great importance. Wind energy is an important resource among the renewables. Electricity generation from a wind turbine is strongly related to wind speed on its area. Therefore accurate forecasting of wind speed is important for planning issues. In this study the performance of the Linear Prediction Filters on wind speed forecasting is investigated. Wind speed values collected in a short period from Afyonkarahisar region is used and the performances of different filters templates are examined. Using only past samples of wind speed, eight different filter templates are formed. Each filter template utilize from the different number of data which are belong the different time instances. The experimental results show that Linear Prediction Filters are suitable for wind speed modeling and the data belong to different time carry different level of information on next wind speed. Keywords: Wind Speed, Short-term prediction, Linear Prediction Filters.