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A Survey on Optimal Dynamic Deployment and Scheduling of Relay Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless sensor network (WSN) consists a group of nodes that are equipped with a small and low power batteries with functions of communication and sensing data to monitor various environmental conditions at different field of locations. The major challenge in WSNs is to achieve a maximum coverage and connectivity perfectly with optimal number of nodes. Connectivity and coverage the two most fundamental issues in WSNs, which have a significant impact on the performance and the capability of WSNs. Random deployment some nodes may get imbricate this will cause unbalanced structure. In the existing system maximum coverage problem is resolved by using the static node deployment strategy in the particular area or a field. Loss of just a single sensor node might obstructs the stability and the reliability of the entire network. Network lifetime extends and also reduces the cost due to optimized deployment strategy, sleep scheduling mechanism and coverage radius. In this paper, we discuss the coverage problem from different perspectives, describe the evaluation metrics of coverage control algorithms, analyze the relationship between coverage and connectivity, compare some simulation tools, and discuss major research challenges and existing problems in this particular area. Index Terms - WSN, mobile node, k-coverage.