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Modified First Come First Serve (MFCFS)

Disk scheduling requires a careful scrutinization of the requests which are pending in order to determine the most efficient way to serve the requests. There are two most common type of disk scheduling i.e. seek optimization and latency (or rotational) optimization. Each and every scheduling algorithm focuses on reducing the seek time for the pending requests, since seek time in order of magnitude is greater than latency time. Seek time calculates the time required for read/write heads to move between the tracks provided by the disk. The various form of scheduling algorithms are FCFS (First Come First Serve), SJF (Shortest Job First), C-SCAN (Circular Scan) and LOOK. FCFS being the simplest in its implementation, it doesn’t provide fastest implementation (request can be accessed). This paper aims to improve the existing FCFS algorithm such that the seek time and rotational latency can be reduced by reducing average seek distance.