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Secure Multi-Possessor Quality-Based Verifiable Outsource Decryption

A secure multi owner data sharing scheme, named Mona, for dynamic groups in the cloud. By leveraging group signature and dynamic broadcast encryption techniques, any cloud user can anonymously share data with others. Meanwhile, the storage overhead and encryption computation cost of our scheme are independent with the number of revoked users. In addition, we analyze the security of our scheme with rigorous proofs, and demonstrate the efficiency of our scheme in experiments. One of the main efficiency drawbacks of the existing ABE schemes is that d encryption involves expensive pairing operations and the number of such operations grows with the complexity of the access policy. Recently, Green et al. proposed an ABE system with outsourced decryption that largely eliminates the decryption overhead for users. In such a system, a user provides an untrusted server, say a cloud service provider, with a transformation key that allows the cloud to translate any ABE ciphertext satisfied by that user’s attributes or access policy into a simple ciphertext, and it only incurs a small computational overhead for the user to recover the plaintext from the transformed ciphertext. Security of an ABE system with outsourced decryption ensures that an adversary (including a malicious cloud) will not be able to learn anything about the encrypted message; however, it does not guarantee the correctness of the transformation done by the cloud. In this paper, we consider a new requirement of ABE with outsourced d ecryption: verifiability. Informally, verifiability guarantees that a user can efficiently check if the transformation is done correctly. We give the formal model of ABE with verifiable outsourced decryption and propose a concrete scheme. We prove that our new scheme is both secure and verifiable, without relying on random oracles. Finally, we show an implementation of our scheme and result of performance measurements, which indicates asignificant reduction on computing resources imposed on users.