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Fingerprint based Gender Identification & Detection of Drug Usage using ANN

Fingerprint is an impression left by human finger. Due to the secretion of sweat, the fingerprints are easily imprinted on to the surface of the objects. Example: Glass or metal. A very few researchers have worked on gender identification using fingerprint and have gained competitive results. This paper aims at the implementation of gender identification based on fingerprint which fuses with the detection of drug usage in the person and the drug consumed by person. This paper will help to design and develop an efficient algorithm for the fingerprint-based gender identification system and drug usage, after testing the samples for gender identification, the performance efficiency is found to be 88% for female and 78 % for male and for consumption and detection of drugs, it is found to be 98% accurate. Keywords - Fingerprint, Ridge, Gender Identification, Consumption and Detection of Drugs, Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Sweat.