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Virtual Space Expansion and Viewpoint Tracking – Taking "Virtual Portal" as an Example

The research work "Virtual Portal" is a virtual window that can be projected on the wall and combined with Viewpoint Tracking technology. It has the capability to create an extended space that can instantly display a flat image in accordance with any viewing angle. The inspiration for the "Virtual Portal" artwork comes from the desire to connect past experiences while watching outside the window, and its spatial visual experience and feedback, which can also affect the psychological state of perception. Changes in the scenery outside the window, even with slight fluctuations in the viewpoint caused by small breaths, can instantly affect the spatial experience and alter the mood. With the moving perspective when walking, a person is able to experience perspective and fractal changes, leading to the abstract experience of rich space.Using the HTC VIVE Tracker, the way to present images with only a single perspective, this work hopes to use the form of extended space to experience fractals through spatiality, and to make abstract images concrete and form a "composite of complex layers of minds". Keywords - Viewpoint Tracking, Perspective, Virtual, Portal, Fractals, Perception, Blind Field.