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Machine Learning based Digitization of Data in Banking Environment

Digitization of handwritten and printed documents used in financial institutions, using optical character recognition (OCR) and artificial neural networks (ANN). Image scanner is used to scan the documents which store the document into an image format. In this paper OCR in combination with ANN is used to recognize the characters from the documents, the output in stored in .xml file format. This file is first converted and stored in excel file format, second the banking management system integrates the obtained excel data. This translated data is stored in database, which further performs various procedures on database with help of SQL operations. The output obtained is linked to an android platform, which can be further used for different applications using machine learning code. The current banking system is tedious and error prone. This paper aims to create a system which provides higher accuracy and efficiency. The proposed approach will revolutionize the current approach of banking system. Keywords - OCR, Artificial Neural Networks, BPN, Image Digitization.