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Replacing Phone Storage with Direct Cloud Computation System

In this technical era of computation, around 83.5 percent of population use Gmail, Dropbox, Netflix, and yes, the interesting one google assistant, etc. All these trending applications, leverages cloud computing to touch the heights of its advantage. The expanded power of computation and the capacity of the cloud enlightens the current phase by enabling to store information according to user preferences. It provides customized and simplified solutions and products based on the preferences of users. And the magical wand which uplift the cloud computing features is it’s fast and efficient storage system. Well, many a times the user has lost data by some sort of accidental deletion. Also many a times we get notification to update your databases. The users Did not invest their money in deploying local system. Here comes our notion to enhance this system and boost up the computing system. The system which we are proposing can definitely put a remarkable change in the industry. The backbone of the system is based on the mathematical structure, graph theory. It involves providing a direct link for data flow to the main cloud sever having a temporary buffer. Keywords - Cloud Computing, Efficient Storage System, Simplified Solutions, Backbone, Graph Theory.