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Security Control based on Blockchain in The WSN Network

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are one of the main components of the Internet of Things (IoT) paves the way for a world where the devices become interconnected in order to collect information and to automate some tasks. Hence, this vision requires control mechanism to preserve the security of data. The classical security solutions in WSN/IoT have some limitation due to the constrained capability of the devices. In addition to WSN devices limitations, the usual use of these networks depends on central operands to manage the security of increasing number of connectors to the network. Therefore, this paper studied the security control in WSN/IoT with the decentralized blockchain based solution. Mainly, this paper provided a comprehensive background with a literature review on several papers that have security solutions for WSN network based on blockchain technology. Moreover, this paper compared the reviewed solutions with certain criteria which are the efficiency, tamperproof, trustiness, confidentiality, authentication and some unique features provided by the reviewed solutions. Eventually with the deep analysis in the comparison, it appeared that a solution based on the blockchain for managing the access of the IoT has achieve most of the criteria. Thus, the paper chooses this solution and planned to find a possible enhancement on it for future work. Keywords— Blockchain, WSN, IoT, Security, Network;