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A Comparative Study Of Vm Placement Algorithms In Cloud Computing Environment

Cloud computing delivers infrastructure, platform, and software (application) as services. In Infrastructure-as-a- Service (IaaS) service providers generally combine several physical machines and different hardware components to form a single infrastructure. Virtual machine monitors allows a single physical machine to hold many virtual machines hence virtual machines can be employed as computing resources for IaaS. Thus, efficient virtual machine scheduling is necessary in cloud computing environment for increasing resource utilization and efficient use of applications in virtual machine. VM scheduling helps in efficient sharing of virtual machines to available datacenters and these scheduling policies help to increase the cloud performance. Different allocation policies are available and they have their own advantages and limitations. In this paper we propose a comparative study for different types of VM scheduling algorithms and are provisionally discussed and analyzed. Then we concluded that the development of an efficient and enhanced algorithm is needed for scheduling the VMs with the perspective of QOS constraints and enhance user performance of VMs.