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Layer Metrics For Reliable Messaging In Wireless Mesh Network

Wireless mesh network is an emerging technology encouraging the developments for next generation wireless networking. Wireless mesh network is based on IEEE 802.11 standard according to which, the received packet must be acknowledged. The presence of selfish mesh routers may drop the packets sent by other nodes.To deal with the problem of selfish behavior of mesh routers,this paper proposes a reliable routing metric, expected forwarded counter [EFW] and its two variants.EFW improves thewireless link quality by selecting the most reliable and high performance path and it also considers the forwarding behavior of node. Minimum Expected forwarding counter [MEFW] and Joint expected forwarding counter [JEFW] are derived metrics which capture the worst and joint dropping probability respectively and reduce the complexity of network. The proposed metrics are evaluated through simulation by performing comparative analysis with existing metric by considering performance metrics like packet delivery ratio and average throughput. The proposed work shows significant increase in throughput by the metric EFW which selects path with highest delivery rate considering both quality of wireless links and reliability of network node even in the presence of selfish nodes.