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Excluding Blackhole Attack in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) experienced high technical revolution. Nowadays, routing in Ad hoc network is a challenging task. In addition, different security aspects should be considered to achieve the best performance in the network. MANET is a self organized infrastructure less network contain a large number of nodes that connected through wireless link .Not like infrastructure network which contains a router to coordinate the routing and forwarding for the packets. MANET used in unmanaged and unreachable networks nodes which should coordinate between each other in order to deliver the packets from source node to destination node .On-Demand Routing in MANET afford it many capabilities and a wide variety of usage . However, securing such type of this network is mandatory because it is vulnerable to many kind of attacks .In this paper we will efficiently combine more than one technique in our proposed solution in order to fight against the black-hole attack and mitigate the effect of the existence of a malicious node in the network . Keywords - MANET, Blackhole Attack, AODV, Baiting.