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Study On Secure Data Deduplication System With Application Awareness Over Cloud Storage Systems

This paper gives study of data deduplication technique and how to secure data on cloud with deduplication scheme. Data deduplication is single instance data storage widely used in cloud storage system to reduce space and upload bandwidth. Duplication-less storage system which deduplicates the data using file level deduplication and block level deduplication. The deduplication is done at source where data is generated and at target where data is stored that is cloud storage system. The deduplication storage system deduplicates data with application awareness index structure. This system consists of two major components, a front-end deduplication and a cloud storage system as back-end. Application aware index structure improves data deduplication efficiency by exploiting application awareness and deduplication time reduction. But for secure deduplication with application awareness we are incorporating the convergent encryption. To deal with security issue metadata has to create first and then encrypt the file to upload to cloud storage. Keywords — Data Deduplication, Cloud Storage, Source deduplication, Application Awareness, Convergent encryption