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Review of Internet of Things (IoT) on Monitoring and Detection of Tripping Fault

The Internet of Things (IoT) having a positive impact in large number of application domains is representing the successful next evolutionary step in internet based computing technology. This review paper mainly gives a brief acknowledgment of Internet of Things (IoT). It is having the application areas such as smart cities, sustainable living, health care, Electric Power and Energy Systems(EPES), manufacturing, etc. The data sources for IoT which are called IoT analytics used to analyze data are mainly sensors, actuators, smart devices etc. This review paper thus explains the architecture, constraints, impacts of Internet of Things ( IoT) in detail . The analytics of IoT mentioned above have hyped the IoT market nowadays. Thus, these analytics application are mainly used for monitoring, detection of faults and thus controlling it rather than optimization and predicting the situation therein. The fault detection system for IoT mainly consists of a Wi-Fi module, microcontroller and a real-time clock. Keywords - Sensors, Fault , Arduino, Monitoring.