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Diverse Improvement Methods for Enhanced Thinning Image in Fingerprint Pre-Processing

Fingerprint recognition system is still considered to be a hopeful human identification method in many areas like various institutions, industries and also in different sensitive areas. But the challenge in this automatic fingerprint identification structure is, when acquiring the image, it may contain noise because of user‟s side or it may be from the sensor side. To rectify this, the pre-processing is the inescapable one to enhance the attained fingerprints. This pre-process must have some important image processing steps of enhancement as smoothening, sharpening, binarization and finally thinning. The objective of this work is to cross the pre-processing with multiple actions to attain better thinning image to get true minutia from the fingerprint. For this, four pre-processing flows has been checked. The fourth method is the proposed one,that it has two fold enhancement, adaptive binarization, regularization, thinning. The great challenge in the fingerprint thinning image is, it may have h-breaks, spur and extra dots. Here the objective of the proposed flow is to get the fine-tuned thinning image without these faults. Keywords - Fingerprint, Pre-processing, Smoothening, Sharpening, Binarization, Thinning