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Prioritizing CMMI-DEV Process Areas and Practice to Optimize Software Development Cost: A Case Study of a Financial Technology Company

The use of Scrum as agile software development for a financial company experienced the high cost of the project, i.e., higher than the approved budget. As one of the SPI frameworks, CMMI-DEV can cut costs, improve quality, and complete projects promptly. Moreover, SPI is able toaddress various organizational problems, but the SPI process is generally quite extensive. Apart from knowing what processes and practices need improvement, it is also essential to know each process’s and practice’s priorities. This research prioritizesCMMI-Dev process areas and practicesto improve project costs on IT projects that use scrum as agile software development.The researcher evaluated each process area’s capability level and collected data using the SCAMPI C questionnaire. Else, the researcher conducted a ranking using AHP based on problems and scrum ceremoniesand techniques. Hopefully, the companyis able tosolve a specific problem by improving scrum ceremonies and techniques. These scrum ceremonies and techniques can be improved by applying prioritized process areas and practices for each process area. Keywords - Project Management, Agile, Scrum, SPI, CMMI