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A Machine Learning Web Application for Diagnosis of Multiple Diseases

There is one doctor for every 1,445 Indians as per the country's current population estimate of 1.36 billion, which is lower than the WHO's prescribed norm of one doctor for 1,000 people, there are many places where people are dying because of some common diseases. Just some common medicine can help them if they could get proper diagnosis and consultation in time. The Project is titled ―Medical Diagnosis for Multiple Diseases‖. The Diseases which we will focus as of now will be Diabetes, Heart Ailment, Liver Ailment and Kidney Ailments. It will be a generic software package for a medical clinic. The system will be able to act as a web-based solution for medical reports checker. It will prove to be asset for both the doctor as well as their patient. Hence, As a Project, we want to build a Medical Diagnosis Application using Machine learning that can classify Health Risk present in the inputs of Patient‘s Health Reports, so that we are able to make faster diagnosis and derive conclusions on the health of the patient as ‗Healthy‘ or ‗Suffering‘ using Machine Learning which uses Logistic Regression for derivation. We have used Flask Micro-Web Framework for building a web application. Frontend is built using HTML and CSS, while the backend uses Python and its Libraries. Keywords - Machine Learning, Logistic Regression, Flask, Micro-web Framework, HTML, CSS, Python and its Libraries