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Data Acquisition System for Formula SAE Vehicle

This research paper presents, a customized DAQ system for formula student vehicle. It is designed in such a way that it is possible to implement it on any modern vehicle having an OBD2 port. The proposed design is comprised of three systems, namely data logging, location tracking and health monitoring. This document describes the primary approach of design by figuring out the most efficient way and also keeping the cost low. The requirement of DAQ system was to be comprehensive, user friendly, modular, easily expandable and flexible. Based on these requirements we selected Arduino MEGA 2560 as our main micro controller and CAN Bus shield to make a secured connection with the vehicle’s (Engine Control Unit) ECU. On the software side we decided to go with python to design our graphical user interface (GUI) for data logging. For plotting real time data in a graphical format, we selected Java telemetry viewer. Our research shows that how data can be collected from the Engine Control Unit (ECU) which is later used for visualization and analysis. Keywords - OBD2, Arduino, DAQ, ECU, Tkinter