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Image Filtering by Improving of Contrast Ratio using Proposed Window Function

The presented paper describes a new window function which is used for the filtering of the image by improving its contrast ratio. In this paper we will design a low pass filter which is made from the proposed window function and this filter can be used for the image processing application for the filtering. A new window function which is presented in this paper will compared with the previously existing window function like Kaiser, Hamming, Tukey and some other window function. Simulation result shows the outcome of the comparative study of the window function. In filtering of an image we will apply all the window function and we will find that the filter developed from the presented window function process image better in compare to other window function because of its conditionally better spectral characteristics parameter like Main lobe width side lobe attenuation, side lobe roll off ratio and ripple ratio. Keywords - Contrast ratio, Gaussian, Hamming, Kaiser, low pass filter, Main lobe width, Ripple ratio, Side-lobe roll off ratio, Spectral Characteristics, Tukey, Window Function.