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Multicasting of Bandwidth Efficient Video in Multi Radio Multi Cellular Wireless Sensor Network

Abstract–Video Multi cast in Multi-Rate wireless network attracted significant research, heterogeneity inclients, different bit rate of video data cause clients to adjust with videoquality prior work defined for clients who expect differentiated qualities of video security issue with multicast deals like the packet to be multicast is replicated for eachclient. This transmission cause data packet to be received by other users who have access of network (directly attached totransmission media) and reduce the security and robustness of network. Here we present a novel content aware securedvideo multicasting protocol for quality differentiated video multicasting. It works in simple two steps 1) Frame analysis 2)Key Embedding& Steganography for QDM. Frames are extracted from the Video data and analyzed and then embedding the key message in that frames to continue processing steganography. Keywords –Data Embedding,Steganography,QDM, CVM