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Building a Cyberweapon that Bypasses all Cybersecurity Advancements

Abstract - In this digital world cyberweapons are as important as cyber security in view of the fact that breaking and bypassing the security is the key to safe and secure cyberspace since advancements and defences are always developed based on loopholes in the security. In this research work, the new approach to design, develop and distribute a cyberweapon is proposed that masquerades and exfiltrates sensitive data bypassing anti-malware defences and multi-factor authentication. The essential elements to develop the program along with concrete example from an existing effective program is provided. An experiment is also conducted, and some in-depth discussion is presented, and conclusions are drawn about the effectiveness of proposed technique for building a cyberweapon. Keywords - Cyberweapon, Masquerade, Malevolent, Obfuscation, Gullibility.