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Distributed Event Detection In Wireless Sensor Network For Disaster Management

WSN is frequently used technology in the world. The Wireless sensor network contains number of sensor nodes which has most power to sense the data and transmit it to the administrator in effective way. Disaster management is one of the important aspects of wireless sensor network. Disaster alarm system can be helpful to save lives in great extent. Till now variety of techniques for event detection have been put forward, But Fuzzy mechanism is used in those techniques.Fuzzy logic did not show clear output. This system is developed to detect the disastrous event like Fire. This project also specifies type of fire like flaming fire, soldering fire or nuisance fire. Various algorithms like Reputation based technique and Majority voting technique are applied on data sensed by nodes to detect event in accurate manner. Trusted Clustering algorithm is also implemented to get more reliable results. Keywords— Clustering, CO node, ION node, Machine learning algorithm, National fire protection association, Wireless sensor node