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The Impact of Information Technology on Innovative Teaching Process and Its Influences on Human Resource Management: An Analytical Perspective

Abstract - This study was based on the theory advanced by Oliver, Osa, and Walker (2012), who declared that teacher training must aim for effective integration of classroom technology, which, though not the end goal of education, is a means by which it can be accomplished. Educational technology has gained popularity in classroom instruction, with information technology as one of its aspects. Educational technology is the study and careful practice of facilitating learning through the creation, usage, and management of appropriate hardware and software. Educational technology includes the theory and practice of designing, developing, using, managing, and evaluating the various processes and resources for learning. Aware of this desirable change in the field of education, the researchers inquired into the impact of information technology on the use of innovative pedagogical strategies. At the same time, the researchers are interested in determining how the use of innovative teaching through information technology has influenced human resources management in educational institutions, specifically in the Higher Education. These areas of research have motivated the researchers to conduct this study.