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Blockchain - Agriculture Supplychain Management

As of today, a new focus on the safety, effectiveness, and validation of many crucial criteria in the food and agricultural supply chain is made possible by the globalisation of industry and agricultural production. With so many risks to food safety and corruption, there is a great demand for effective traceability systems that serve as key quality control tools for guaranteeing the safety of enough products along the agricultural supply chain. Block chain is a cutting-edge technical solution that delivers ground-breaking results for commodity traceability in food supply chains and in agriculture. Today's agricultural supply chains are complex ecosystems with many different players, making it challenging to validate a number of important needs, particularly with regard to the country of original origin, crop growth stages, compliance with quality standards, and yield monitoring. In order to track crop prices and ensure traceability, this study suggests a method that levitates the block chain and successfully manages commercial operations along the agricultural supply chain. The suggested framework solution eliminates away with the requirement for intermediaries, centralised authorities that can be trusted, and provides records of the transactions, enhancing effective science and safety with a high degree of integrity and dependability. All transactions are recorded, added to an immutable ledger on the blockchain, and linked to a decentralised network, enabling a high level of traceability and transparency in the supply chain ecosystem in a steady, dependable, and effective way. Keywords - Blockchain, Transactions, Immutable Ledger, Decentralised Network, Traceability, Transparency, Supply Chain, Dependable