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The Most Common Vulnerabilities And Open Source Prevention Software

To store data and information on digital media and be accessible via the internet, makes the life easy. Lots of user save or share personal information on digital platforms which are defined as local or public source. Banks, government agencies, commercial organizations also store and operate institutional customers’ information on digital systems. An account information of a customer, a secret project that a company working on, an official secret which saved on a digital platform also attract the attention of attacker. Therefore the concept of information security has been put forward. In the first part of this study; information, information security, privacy, availability, data integrity, the importance of information security; data theft and the reasons of it have been described. Other parts, describe the most common types of malwares, web application security risks and the open source intrusion detection and prevention software that can be used against risks and malwares. Keywords- Component; Information Security, Malwares, Vulnerabilities, Intrusion Detection Systems, Open Source