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From Monolith to Micro Services:A Decomposition Technique

Microservices have grown in popularity in recent years as a result of the benefits they provide over traditional monolithic systems. Microservices allow enterprises to divide huge, complicated programs into smaller, more manageable components that can be created, tested, and deployed separately. This enables better flexibility, scalability, and agility in the development and deployment of software systems. Many of the problems associated with monolithic systems have been addressed by microservices, but new ones have emerged. One of the major issues is how to migrate from an existing monolithic application to a microservice architecture. This migration offers a substantial difficulty since the various components of the monolithic program are strongly dependent on one another. In order to organize the thoughts, we classify the numerous migration procedures as follows after researching the chosen research to uncover separate migration approaches, in other words, The goal of this article is to gather, organize, and analyze the migration techniques proposed in the literature, and to propose our approach of migration based on process mining. Keywords - Microservice decomposition, Microservice migration, Microservices Architecture, Process Mining, Business process, Monolithic System, dynamic analysis.