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A Novel Approach Based Hidden Biometrics: Medical Biometrics As An Aid To Security Biometrics

Biometrics denotes security biometrics which is a set of techniques or methods used to identify an individual using his biological or behavioural features. The word biometrics can be divided into two types i.e. Security Biometrics and Medical Biometrics. When dealing with medical biometrics, we refer to some methods that are used to measure factors derived from medical data. In this paper, we give support to security biometrics with medical biometrics and we try to concentrate on the individual identification and verification with the help of medical data such as ECG, MRI images and X- Ray images. This is why it is termed as “Intrinsic Biometrics” or “Hidden Biometrics”. Keywords—: Biometrics, biological, security biometrics, medical biometrics, identification, verification, X- Ray images, MRI images, intrinsic biometrics, hidden biometric.