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Increasing Data Hiding Capacity Of BPCS Steganography Using LZW Compression Technique

Steganography is an art of hidden communication in which secret message is embedded into a cover image. Application area of steganography is wide; it includes lot of applications like online transactions, military communication, medical etc. In this paper, we have proposed a steganography method based on LZW lossless compression technique and bit- plane complexity segmentation (BPCS) steganography. The proposed method is based on integration of the two techniques LZW and BPCS, where images are compressed before being transmitted over the network. The proposed technique improves the data hiding capacity of the image as compared to the existing image steganography methods while retaining the quality of the image after embedding the secret message into it. The increase in embedding capacity of the image is possible due to preprocessing the secret message in which a lossless data compression technique is applied. Keywords: Steganography, Information Hiding, Cover Image, Secret Image, BPCS, LZW.