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Time Based Discovering Of Web User Patterns To Optimize Web Sites And Hyperlinks

The Web composes of millions of pages and all these pages contain billions of information about the world. Web users surf on these pages randomly (randomly means that there is no specific navigation) or consciously (it means users look for a specific information). In this study; an analyzing system is offered, whether randomly or consciously surfing, to find that have users drawn a similar surfing pattern at similar days and optimize web sites and hyperlinks with this information. In this way, the pattern of surfing days of users can be mapped by comparing his other similar surfing days. This can be achieved by mining the logged Web usage data of users. Analyzing is of course not based on one or two weeks. This analyzing will be maintained until fluctuation of the Web usage in logged data reflects a coherent pattern on similar days to provide realistic results. Keywords- cloud computing, data security, data privacy.