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Instant Fuzzy Based Efficient Search Engine Using Proximity Ranking

Efficient search Engine is an emerging information retrieval platform in which a system can find the answers to a search query instantly while the user is typing and before user hits the search button. When user start typing character in search text box, at the same time the system start finding the relevant answers to the query as user progress typing. Fuzzy search helps to improve user search experience by suggesting the user possible search keyword and correcting the typographical mistakes. A main challenge is how to reduce the search time. The improved proximity ranking to find the score of relevant answers has been used which in turn helps to find most relevant answers in less time. In this dissertation efficient search engine has been implemented by integrating fuzzy technique & proximity ranking. The analysis of performance & efficiency of this search engine has been done. Keywords- Efficient, Search Engine, User, Keyword, Ranking, Fuzzy Logic.