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Edge Detection Comparison on Various Color Spaces Using Histogram Equalization

Because Color is a powerful descriptor of the color image, so color edge detection has been a staple of color image segmentation. The paper analyzed the methods of RGB image edge detection, the color image edge detection method is improved according to the two principles that are conversion transformation between RGB color space and various color spaces (HSV, YCBCR, YIQ) and histogram equalization transformation. The three steps of the detailed color image edge detection method are as follows: decomposing the color image, processing one of their component, composing each component and HSV, YCBCR, YIQ color spaces-to-RGB transformation. The experiment results show that the improved method compared with the RGB image edge detection methods can not only raise the effect of color image, but also simplify the method of color image edge detection and also gives the best color space in which this edge detection method is comparatively the best.