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An Effectual Approach For The Recognition of Facial Expressions From Frontal Facial Images

Humans can easily detect the facial expressions but development of Facial Expression Recognition System that recognizes facial expressions automatically is a challenging task. Facial expression recognition system has many applications such as human computer interaction, face identification and teleconferencing etc. Due to this, it gains interest of the researchers and has become an active research area. In this research work, an Automatic Facial Expressions Recognition System is presented that recognizes three principal expressions that are Happy, Sad and Neutral. The system uses an efficient approach for the recognition of those expressions on the basis of some extracted features. For expression recognition, system follows a step by step procedure that comprises face detection, feature extraction and expression recognition. Once face detection is performed, feature of interested region that is mouth, is extracted. In feature extraction, range of the expressions is defined with both minimum and maximum values by using the height of the mouth image. After that expression recognition is performed based on some conditional approach and extracted features. The whole system is implemented on the dataset of 200 images of frontal facial expressions of Happy, Sad and Neutral by using MATLAB. The images are collected from the Karolinska Directed Emotional Faces (KDEF) Database. The result obtained after implementation was excellent. The system gave 100% performance for the recognition of three specified expressions.