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Wi-Fi Network’s Password Strength Analysis Using Backtrack Tools

Wireless networks are most common type of networks found in today`s communication. Advantage of these wireless networks (IEEE 802.11) is that physical connection is not required for being a part of a network and at a same time no physical access is required to crack and penetrate such a network. The three main security algorithms which are implemented for the security of this protocol (WIFI) are WEP, WPA and WPA2. In this paper we discuss an attack on the WIFI networks to crack its password and gain unauthorized access to the network. Aircrack tool which is a part of the Backtrack OS, is used to perform attack on the wireless network. Based on the time taken by the tool to crack the network we try to determine the strength of the password and describe a format for good password based on the results. After gaining access into a network we make use of another penetration testing tool, Metasploit to break a web server remotely.