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RSS, MASHUP and Wiki in Web Application

Web applications integrate RSS, mashup and wiki to provide a user-friendly and interactive environment to its users. As there is no mention of a specification document for these elements of web 2.0, even academically, the task of generating specification document has to be repeated every time during the integration. In this paper, we firstly present the requirements for RSS, mashup and wiki from the viewpoint of incorporating the desired functionality in a web application. Also, the actors who access RSS, mashup and wiki in web application have been identified. Moreover, the content-related and implementation-related issues for RSS, mashup and wiki that are to be handled during the integration in web application, are highlighted here. In this paper, we also present a framework to ease the integrating RSS, mashup and wiki into a web application. The framework is based the requirements and issues generated here and provides guidelines in regard to different tasks to be performed during integration. The framework is for use during the software development lifecycle and aids the web application and the developer in integrating the desired element of web 2.0.