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Efficient Distributed Accountability And Data Sharing In The Cloud

Abstract— In cloud computing environment resources are shared among various clients and it's important for system provider to allocate the necessary resources for the clients. And IT infrastructure proceeds as the amount increases to grow, cloud computing is a new way of virtualization technologies that enable management of virtual machines over a plethora of physically connected systems. Cloud computing provides on demand services. Multiple users need to try and do business of their information exploitation cloud however they get worry to losing their information. Whereas data owner can store his/her information on cloud, he should get confirmation that his/her information is safe on cloud. To unravel higher than downside during this paper this offers effective mechanism to trace usage of information exploitation accountability. Accountability is verification of security policies and it's necessary for clear information access. This implementation shows automatic work mechanisms exploitation JAR programming that improves security and privacy of information in cloud. We provide an effective mechanism known as fog computing to protect user’s data from theft by confusing attacker with un useful information. Exploitation this mechanism data owner might apprehend his/her information is handled as per his demand or service level agreement.