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Improve Display Quality Of Symmetric Image Size For Common Admission Structures In Visual Cryptography

Abstract- In visual cryptography (vc) suffers from a pixel-expansion problem, or an out of control display quality problem for improved images(ii), and lacks a general approach to construct visual secret sharing schemes (vsss) for common admission structures (cass). The propose herein a general and efficient approach to address these issues without difficult blueprint. The efficient approach can be used for binary secret images in non-computer-supported decipher environments. To avoid pixel expansion, design a set of column vectors to encode secret pixels rather than use the vc-based approach. The beginning process is preparing a mathematic model for the vc construction problem to find the column vectors for the best vc construction, after which develop a simulated-annealing-based (sa) algorithm to solve the problem. The display quality of the improved image (ii) is advanced than the previous systems.