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Performance Analysis Of Wireless Networks Using Filter And Forward Relay Technique

For transmitting data, usually more than one antenna is required at the transmitter. But many of the devices are restricted to use of a single antenna due to their size and availability of power. This has given rise to the urge of research on Cooperative Communication. It is a cooperative technique which provides diversity gains to minimize the attenuation of radio signals caused by fading and path loss. A virtual array of antennas is formed by sharing antenna nodes by which the reliability of the wireless transmission can be significantly improved. While cooperation among different nodes may produce a higher level of interference, they can degrade the overall performance of larger and dynamic networks with multiple concurrent transmissions, a non cooperation between the nodes in a situation of high interference performs better. The existing work makes use of decode-and-forward technique which is better than the amplify-and-forward technique being used previously. In this project, we implement filer-and-forward technique which not only increases the outage performance but also gives a higher SNR value and compare with the respective values produced by the existing technique.