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Development Of A Planar Sensor For Monitoring Orthopaedic Health

The significance in usage of wearable textile materials as the substrate of an antenna is increasing rapidly because of miniaturization of the system. Some of the major applications of the wearable antennas are navigation, computing and public safety, health treatment etc. The work presented in this paper deals with the design and development of a microstrip patch antenna for orthopaedic treatment. Here, the reflected EM waves obtained by application of microwaves in bones were analyzed and the cracks had been detected if present. The basis for bone crack detection with microwave imaging is the change in dielectric properties of normal and cracked bones. The patch antenna was optimized for resonance at a frequency of 2.45GHz, with a reasonable return loss. This method involved illuminating the targeted bones with propagating electromagnetic waves using a rectangular microstrip patch antenna and then we synthetically analyzed the reflections from the target using a network analyzer. As a result, we measured the shift in the return loss of the micro-strip patch antenna and utilized it to monitor the changes in the bone and its orientation. Here, we had demonstrated the feasibility of detecting the osteoporosis and bone cracks using radiating patch antenna. Keywords— Bone crack, osteoporosis, microwave imaging, rectangular patch antenna, network analyzer, resonant frequency