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KNW-Captcha Creation Using Gibbs Resampling Algorithm

Abstract -Creating CAPTCHAs via casual pasture simulation .certainly, display that satisfactory information about word tests for easy human detection. The CAPTCHAs are then partial casual realizations of the casual CAPTCHA word. The process start with an initial casual pasture (e.g., randomly scattered letter pieces) and use Gibbs resampling to re-suggest portions of the pasture repeatedly using these conditional probabilities until the word becomes human understandable. The creative intention of the Scatter Type algorithm was to produce CAPTCHAs that were human readable but difficult to crack, produce Scatter Type CAPTCHAs that are clearly unreadable to humans yet “readable” to computers designed for efficient simulation. Certainly, use KNW-CAPTCHA to refer to the easy KNW-CAPTCHA variation. This variation is generated with no background noise and no vertical displacement of individual characters, and is designed to be as easy as possible to attack while maintain the fundamental properties of the KNW-CAPTCHA. The remaining casualness from the original casual pasture together with the casual implementation of the CAPTCHA word provides major resistance to attack.