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Avoid Packet Replication Attack Based On Intrusion Detection And Defense Mechanism Over Manet

Abstract - In the MANET, much more vulnerable attack is possible than a wired network. An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for MANETs is designed to detect anomalous behavior and abuse. Swarm intelligence is a relatively novel field. It shows the desirable properties of being adaptive, scalable, and robust. The goal of this system framework is to detect and perform defense mechanism for packet replication attack. The Packet Replication Attack is an internal attack which the attacker belongs to the same network and attacks the resources inside the network. A Packet replication issue reduced by the NS2 simulator. The number of replication times is identified by the number of route entries for the destination, each and every data packet is individually identified with the tree-id provided by NS2 and the inordinate packets are discarded in the IP layer at the receiver. The Performance of the IDS is confirmed using the parameters like Throughput, Average Packet- Received Ratio, Average Packet-Delivery Ratio and Average End-to-End Latency.